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Interpath Services is a distributor of quality products from these leading manufacturing companies.

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Greiner Bio-One is a world leader in the manufacture of plastic consumables for the endeavours of scientific research. Their diverse range of products include tissue and cell culture flasks and plates, Elisa, HTS, 96, 384 and 1536 microplates, cryovials, serological pipettes, general laboratory tubes, pipette tips and specialised PCR and microarray products.
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As the market leader in the field of plastic sample collection products, Greiner Bio-One Preanalytics supply the Vacuette product range to hospitals, pathologies and laboratories in more than 100 countries throughout the world. Their range includes plastic venous blood collection tubes, multi sample needles, safety butterfly collection sets, capillary blood collection products, urine specimen collection products and a large selection of complimentary products and accessories.
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Copan is the leading manufacturer of microbiological sample collection swabs. Having captured the majority of the world market, their extensive product range includes the unique and patented Flocked Swab System as well as its Bacterial and Virus Transport Swabs, Inoculation Loops, Microbiological Spreaders and Precision Transfer Pipettes.
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+ Swabs
+ Flocked swabs
+ ESwab
+ Transfer pipettes
+ UTM Universal Transport Medium
+ Forensic flocked swabs
+ Loops, needles & spreaders
+ Liquid Based Microbiology
Interpath's Aerosol Barrier Tips are manufactured to the highest critical standards in order to perform when you need them most. Combining all the features customers demand in an aerosol barrier tip this comprehensive product range guarantees optimum protection for your vital laboratory research and are available in styles to suit all popular pipettors.
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Freloads Pipette tips are a reloadable tip system for non-barrier pipette tips. Tray inserts containing the tips are placed into empty racks before use. When finished, the insert is simply recycled and replaced with another. Manufactured using recyclable packaging and designed for minimal waste, Freloads are an easy to use, cost effective, environmentally friendly addition to any laboratory.
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Socorex of Switzerland manufactures precision liquid handling instruments used for accurately and reliably pipetting, measuring, dispensing and transferring liquids. The product range includes manual and electronic micropipettes, multi channel pipettors, dispensers and reusable syringes. These products are complimented by a wide range of accessories and spare parts.
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Interpath supply the Whatman range of filtration products from GE Life Sciences. The Whatman name is synonymous with superior quality and reliability and whether it is a simple paper filter or sophisticated technology to assist with the determination of genes and proteins, they are the recognized brand of excellence and choice for separations technology within the scientific community.
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Bovogen Biologicals is an Australian owned company specializing in the manufacture of "Australian sourced" Foetal Bovine Serum as well as US, French and New Zealand sourced FBS. Bovine Serum Albumin, purified animal proteins and related animal serum products are also available.
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Vistalab Technologies supply the Ovation range of ergonomic liquid handling pipettes.
Their unique range of pipettes are designed to prevent and reduce the incidence of
repetitive strain injuries resulting from repeated laboratory pipetting practices.
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+ Ovation Quick Set single channel adjustable pipettes
+ Ovation electronic single channel pipettes
+ Ovation electronic single channel macro pipettes
+ Ovation electronic multi channel pipettes
Ovation M manual single channel adjustable pipettes
Scientific Specialties (SSI) specialise in the design and manufacture of innovative PCR products, laboratory racks and a comprehensive range of accessories. The range includes PCR tubes and strips, PCR plates, screw cap tubes, freezer storage racks and specialty bench top PCR racks.
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+ Ultraflux Product Range
+ CryoFreeze Product Range
+ PCR Plate Compatibility
+ PCR Strip Compatibility
Technoplas is an Australian owned company manufacturing plastic laboratory consumables for the life science and research markets. The range includes petri dishes, specimen collection containers and test tubes of various styles, sizes and volumes.
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The Biotix range of filter tips and reagent reservoirs set a new standard for protecting important and expensive laboratory research. Incorporating many unique and patented features the product range guarantees performance and peace of mind.
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Excel Scientific produce high performance sealing solutions for most micro plate and reagent handling applications. The range includes Microplate sealing films for Elisa and incubation, pierceable sealing films and foils for classical PCR and storage, films for robotics, real time qPCR and Protein Crystalisation. Also available are vinyl films for Fluorescence and Luminescence plus breathable films for Cell and Tissue Culture applications.
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Merck (previously Millipore) are a world leader in sterile filtration products, including bottle top filtration units, syringe filters and unique filtration solutions for small, medium and large volume filtration requirements.
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Kartell manufactures a broad range of reusable plastic labware as a safe and reliable alternative to glass. This most comprehensive range covers all your reusable plastic ware requirements from stirring bars, beakers, measuring cylinders, volumetric flasks through to storage bottles, pipette washers, the list goes on.
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